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Cavalrymen and slingshooters
Neo-Assyrian Empire, reign of Sennacherib (704-681 B.C.)

This panel is the only surviving fragment of a relief from the Southwest Palace at Nineveh. A 19th-century drawing of the whole relief – the only image we have of it – shows that it depicted the siege of a walled and turreted city; the king was on the scene on his war-chariot. Soldiers armed with slings rarely appear in Assyrian reliefs. Only three examples of this subject are known; one comes from the Northern Palace of Assurbanipal, the other two from the Southwest Palace of Sennacherib.

Provenance: From northern Mesopotamia, Nineveh (Kuyunjik), Southwest Palace
Acquisition data: Formerly in the Hall Collection
Inventory: Inv. MB 58

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