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Stele of the Dignitary Nefer
Funerary monument and ornaments
Old Kingdom, Dynasty IV (2640-2520 B.C.)

This stele depicts an offering scene with the dead man seated at a table. A long inscription in hieroglyphs contains a funerary formula followed by a list of all the gifts that the offerer, symbolically presented as the king, is giving the dead man for his journey to the underworld: bread, water, food, incense, cosmetics, milk, grain, vegetables, fruit, sweets, fabrics of different kinds and sizes, plus “1000 calves, 1000 young antelopes, 1000 cranes, 1000 geese.”

Provenance: From Lower Egypt, Giza, Mastaba of Nefer (G 2110)
Inventory: Inv. MB 1

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